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Robin Palmer recall, Taylor, Arizona (2010)

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A vote about whether to recall Robin Palmer from his position as a city council member in Taylor, Arizona, took place on March 9, 2010.[1] Palmer was retained in office.

Election results

  • Votes cast for Robin Palmer: 589 Approveda
  • Votes cast for Gary Solomon: 480
  • Votes cast for John Scott: 109[2]


In an Arizona recall election, whoever receives the most votes in a recall election wins. Since Palmer received the most votes, he retained his seat on the Taylor City Council.

Kenneth Hatch spearheaded the effort to recall the councilman because of Palmer's vote in favor of a resolution to Navajo County that calls for an election on the question of the “consolidation of Taylor and Snowflake”. According to the circulated petition, the purpose of the recall is because the mayor and other elected officials have “willfully, without regard to the citizens of Taylor, attempted to give away control of the town of Taylor in Resolution R-2009-07. Therefore, I am pursuing a recall to remove (him) from his office…before further action on his part do more harm to the Town of Taylor.”

Hatch originally sought to recall Mayor John Cole as well, but this effort became irrelevant when Cole resigned his post and moved to Phoenix to accept a new job.[3]

John Scott and Gary Solomon campaigned for the seat that would have become vacant if Palmer had been recalled.

Palmer's statement

Palmer's candidate statement heading into the March 9 election said:

"To stand for what is right even when it is hard. That is what the Taylor Town Council did back in August 2009. Against loud opposition by a small group, the council passed a resolution that will finally, once and for all, let the voters of this community decide on the future.

“As we can see, this group is not happy that the council would not bow to their will. Now Taylor is faced with the recall of me and two other council members, and threats of another being recalled once he is in office long enough. These recall elections are based on the claim that these council members gave away control of the town by passing resolution R2009-07, when in reality that resolution gave control of the town back to the citizens. All these recall elections over one issue. No, not consolidation, but the right of all to have a say. The claim is consolidation will hurt their town. But it is our town, too, we all have a say.

“I ran for the Taylor Town Council to serve the people, and that is what I will continue to do. If you want to continue to have a voice in this town, and if you still treasure your right, privilege and responsibility to vote, then cast your vote for me on March 9.”

Path to the ballot

69 signatures were required to force a recall election.

Hatch turned in his petition with 109 signatures, well above the required 69. Town clerk Kelly Jones had 10 days to review the signatures and submit them to Navajo County for verification.[4]

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