Romeo Community School Board recall, Michigan, 2010

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An effort is underway to recall Mike Stobak, Greg Jacobson and Jennifer White from their positions on the Board of Education of the Romeo Community School District.[1]

An original notice of intent to recall was filed against 5 of the school board's 7 members in October 2009. The first recall petition was filed on October 20, 2009 by local resident Dan Knepp. Knepp's petition targets treasurer Greg Jacobson, vice-president Michael Stobak and secretary Jennifer White. A second recall effort, submitted by local resident David Peterson-Tousignant, was filed on October 26, 2009. The second petition targeted board members Sue Hier and Sara Murray.[2] [3]

The Romeo Community School Board recall effort is one of several similar efforts in 2009-2010 started by union organizers to punish school board members who vote to privatize some school functions as a way to save district funds.[4][5]


Jacobson, Stobak, White

Knepp, a local resident, filed 19 recall petitions against Jacobson, Stobak and White on October 20, 2009. One of the reasons listed on the recall petitions include disagreement with board members' recent votes on school district expenditures, for example, a vote to privatize custodial workers in the district.[2]

Hier and Murray

There were a grand total of 19 petitions for an intent to recall. Of those 19, 10 were for Murray and 9 for Hier. Among the listed reasons in favor of a recall election were:[2]

  • a vote to close Croswell Elementary
  • hiring "the most costly auditor"
  • voting against "transparency" issues

According to Peterson-Tousignant, he was unaware of the previously filed recall petition against Jacobson, Stobak and White.[2]

Path to the ballot

The approved petition language is valid for 180 days, however in order to force a recall election supporters must collect valid signatures within 90 of those days.[3]

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