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An effort to recall Ron Aames from his position on the Peoria, Arizona, city council was launched in March 2012.[1] The recall effort was abandoned in July 2012.[2][3] Aames has been a member of the city council since 2007. He represents the Palo Verde District and currently serves as Peoria's vice mayor.

Reasons for recall

The recall campaign was organized by the Recall Ron Aames Committee. Martha Regan filed the recall paperwork against Aames.[4] Recent redistricting in Peoria was a factor in the recall campaign. The recall application stated that, "in our opinion, Ron Aames failed his constituents by manipulating the redistricting system. His involvement is divisive to the council."[5] Recall supporter Martha Regan said, "we’ve been really unhappy. I’m a new constituent of Ron Aames and I wanted to do it [the recall]. I’ve been complaining since redistricting started...He’s concerned with his own needs. I do not believe he is concerned about the city or the district." New redistricting maps mean that some residents of council member Joan Evans’ former district are now represented by Aames.

Regan also accused Aames of lack of leadership, ignoring public input from residents during redistricting public meetings, discontent and bitterness on the city council, votes promoting self-serving motivations, promoting city charter changes detrimental to the community, and poor budget decisions.[1] In May 2012, Aames penned an editorial in the Peoria Times in which he defended his record as a council member.[6] Peoria Mayor Bob Barrett contributed $200 to the recall committee, explaining that "Aames acts in his own best interests too often."[7]

Aames' response

In response to the recall campaign against him, Aames said, "Redistricting is a non-issue because last year the federal government certified that the map for Peoria was excellent and met all the required criteria." Aames said, "the citizens in my district have been very happy with my performance as their council representative. I personally respond to all citizens who contact me. I have worked with more than 700 of them to resolve city, neighborhood, and personal matters. Most have highly praised me." Aames believed the motive for recall may have been political. He said, "so what is the real purpose of this supposed recall? Is it political? Many people in the district I represent and elsewhere in Peoria have asked me to run for mayor in the future and have said they would be part of the committee to elect me. This may be an attempt to derail that."[1]

Path to the ballot

Recall organizers needed to submit 560 signatures from residents in the Palo Verde District to force a recall election.[1] The deadline for signature submission was July 13, 2012.[5] In July 2012, the recall committee dropped the recall effort.[3]

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