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Ron Elfenbein
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Candidate for
Maryland State Senate, District 30

Political party Republican
Profession Physician
Website Ron Elfenbein for State Senate
Dr. Ron Elfenbein was a Republican candidate for District 30 in the Maryland State Senate in the November 2, 2010, state legislative elections.



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Elfenbein lost to Democratic incumbent John Astle in the November 2 general election.[1]

In the September 14th primary election, Elfenbein was unopposed.[2]

Maryland State Senate, District 30- Republican Primary (2010)
Candidates Votes Percent
Green check mark transparent.png Ron Elfenbein 7,131 100%


Winning District 30 is crucial. In fact, Governor Bob Ehrlich said at a recent fundraiser that this seat is “our No. 1 opportunity to pick up a seat in a Republican swing district.”

“I need Ron in the State Senate next year to support my veto of the tax increases and block wasteful spending that liberals will try to muscle through the legislature. I need his business experience, his medical expertise, and his common sense conservatism on crucial votes. And I need you to help him win."

The Issues

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Economy and Job Creation We need to restore fiscal common sense to Annapolis. You and I must live within our means and so must OUR government. We just witnessed a 300% increase in our state’s unemployment insurance because of bad decisions and fiscal mismanagement made by OUR government. This was an unsustainable, job killing, economy destroying burden on our businesses that coupled with the previous tax increase and the coming tax increase (so called “stimulus money” run out in November 2010-right after the election) spells certain economic disaster. As a small business owner myself I understand the burdens placed upon business and the difficulties we face everyday in terms of job creation and growth. It has been said, “There is no government program as important as a job”. We need to never lose site of this statement and we need to bring accountability and fiscal responsibility back and make JOB CREATION and improving the ECONOMY our number one goal. We need to get government out of the way and let the true engine of the economy move us forward-small business. We need to stop demonizing small business and encourage entrepreneurship.

Government Accountability We need to restore transparency, honesty, accountability and openness to OUR government-we deserve better. We need to establish new and binding ethical standards for our elected officials. Do you know that the legislature currently polices themselves? Do you know any other job where this was a case? It is like the fox guarding the henhouse! I am for establishing a nonpartisan ethics committee outside of government purvue and accountable to the people only. It will be comprised of individuals, in equal number from the Republican and Democrat parties as well as from Independent organizations-none of whom can be current or previous elected office holders. This way they can work completely independently from the legislature and are accountable only to the people. I am also in favor of publishing ALL committee votes on-line (did you know they are kept secret now?) and allowing video cameras into all hearings to be broadcast on Maryland Public Television (after all we paid for the new buildings to be wired for such technology but it has yet to be made available).

Taxes Maryland ranks anywhere form the third to the seventh highest total tax burden state in the country depending on how you chose to calculate that. People of means flee the state in droves; this leads to a lower tax base and lower government revenues. Time and time again it has been proven that LOWERING the tax rates actually improve the government’s revenues. We just witnessed the single LARGEST tax increase in the history of our great state-during a recession no less! Are you better off now than you were before this tax increase? Are you getting more and/or better services from the government than you were before? Raising taxes is NEVER a good idea and certainly not when people are already hurting and we are in a recession. Now was a time to trim the fat, cut government spending and CUT THE TAX RATES for ALL Marylanders. I am signatory to the Maryland Taxpayer pledge to not raise taxes and I intend to stick to that pledge-I am a man of my word. I am in favor of the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, which mandates a referendum whenever a tax increase is sought. This way the politicians cannot increase your taxes in the middle of the night wen no one is watching them-like they did with the last tax increase.

Government Spending I am in favor of establishing a special nonpartisan panel comprised of experts across the board to take a long hard look at the budget and present areas that can be cut, trimmed or simply eliminated. I would suggest we begin with a good hard look at how much our legislators in Annapolwas are paid-$43,000 per year plus full retirement and benefits-all this for 3-4 months of work; and they are up for a pay raise this year. We need to reign in out of control government spending and we need to make the state live within its means-period.

Medical Reform I entered politics because of this issue. Medicine is my vocation, my passion and my job. I ran for the House of Delegates in 2006, mainly on the issue of health care reform, before in was “in vogue” to do so. Maryland has the best research institutions in the entire world with, The NIH, Johns Hopkins (my alma mater), University of Maryland, Bethesda Naval Hospital, etc... yet our system is in danger of collapse. We have, on average, a 16% shortage of doctors that are needed and in some areas and some specialties it is 100%-i.e. some areas are without specialists PERIOD! This is unacceptable and this needs to be corrected. Maryland has some of the longest wait times in Emergency rooms in the entire country. We need common sense reform to make our state the best in the nation and I know how to do it-I live it every day in the emergency room!

Anne Arundel Medical Center We need to make our district’s only hospital, Anne Arundel Medical Center, AAMC, a center for cardiac surgery. Maryland was a so called “certificate of need state” meaning that the state determines what services a medical facility can offer (this needs to change, but that was another issue). The medical staff at AAMC is in favor of making AAMC a cardiac surgery center and so are the residents of Anne Arundel County, according to the polling data. This was a public safety and public health issue and we need to allow OUR hospital to offer these life-saving services. Simply, there was aBSOLUTELY NO REASON AAMC should not offer these services and no reason a politician should vote against it.


Dr. Ron Elfenbein was an emergency room doctor. He lives in Annapolis with his wife Heather, their 2 year old son Alex, their 11 month old daughter Haley, and their rescued dog, Ali.

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