Ronald W. Jones, Jr. recall, Beachwood, New Jersey, 2009

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A petition was filed to recall Mayor Roy W. Jones, Jr. in Beachwood, New Jersey. The recall ultimately did not go to a vote because supporters did not turn in enough valid signatures.


The recall began just seven months into Jones' term after residents accused the former police dispatcher of being an unstable leader due to his alleged history of mental-health problems. Among the issues surrounding Jones was his 24-year-old son, a registered sex offender, illegally staying over at the mayor's house without warning. Residents also alleged that the mayor abused his position by using the borough car for personal reasons. After the effort failed, the mayor stated: "I'm happy it's coming to a conclusion here.I want to stop the personal attacks, because it really is a black eye on the community, and the public deserves better. If we all work together and get past the personalities, we can do better for Beachwood." [1]

Path to the ballot

Supporters of the recall needed to turn in 1,752 signatures to force a recall election. They initially turned in 1,854 signatures, but 176 were invalidated. The recall committee then submitted 22 additional signatures, putting the total to 1,700, but still left the petition shy by a little more than 50 signatures. As a result, the petition was rejected for a second time. The recall committee had the option of appealing to the state Superior Court. The recall petition was subsequently withdrawn due to a lack of signatures. According to Roger Hull, chairman of the committee organizing the recall, the group was past the deadline for the November 3 election and did not want a special election. Hull stated: "The whole process is coming to an end, unfortunately. The ultimate problem is that we did not get enough signatures."[2][3]

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