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The Rules Committee is a standing committee of the South Carolina House of Representatives.

Per Section 1.9 of the House Rules, committees of the South Carolina House of Representatives are assigned by the Speaker of the House.[1] Committees are assigned at the start of the new session following the election of Senate members.[2] The Chairman of each standing committee shall be elected by its members. If a vacancy should occur in the committee's chairmanship, the new chairman will be elected among the remaining committee members.[1] The Speaker, Speaker Pro Tempore and the Clerk of the House shall serve as ex officio members of the Operations and Management Committee.[2]

DocumentIcon.jpg See rules: A House Resolution


2015 legislative session

The following table describes committee membership at the beginning of the 2015 legislative session.

Rules Committee Members, 2015
Democratic members (5)Republican members (10)
Michael A. "Mike" AnthonyAlan D. Clemmons, Chair
Grady A. BrownDwight A. Loftis, Vice Chair
Joseph H. "Joe" NealJoseph S. Daning
Jackie E. "Coach" HayesDaniel P. "Dan" Hamilton
MaryGail DouglasWilliam G. "Bill" Herbkersman
William R. "Bill" Whitmire
L. Kit Spires
Mike Sottile
Anne Thayer
Todd K. Atwater




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