Saginaw Tax Renewal and Replacement Measures, 3 (August 2010)

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Three Saginaw Tax Renewal and Replacement Measures were on the August 3, 2010 ballot in the city of Saginaw which is in Saginaw County.

All three measures were approved

The first tax proposal will be a replacement of a current levy, 6 cents per $100 of assessed property value for a further five years. This tax goes towards maintaining public safety services within the city.

  • YES 5,295 (76.91%) Approveda
  • NO 1,590 (23.09%)

The second will be an additional 1.5 cents per $100 of assessed value on the public safety tax. Proponents of the measure said that this and the first tax were needed to ensure both the police and fire departments are kept staffed and services are provided at the same level.

  • YES 4,362 (67.27%) Approveda
  • NO 2,122 (32.73%)

The third tax will be a 3 cent per $100 or assessed value, renewal for the Saginaw Transit Authority which will be used to maintain services in the city.[1]

  • YES 3,100 (51.34%) Approveda
  • NO 2,938 (48.66%)[2]