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Sales tax increase re-appears in Arizona

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January 27, 2010

PHOENIX, Arizona: During the week of January 27, 2010, the sales tax measure resurfaced in the Arizona Legislature as lawmakers considered placing the temporary one-cent sales tax increase on a May special election ballot. According to Senate President Robert Burns and House Speaker Kirk Adams, support is spread thin among lawmakers for the sales tax.

Despite Burns’ allegations, the Senate President stated that the sales tax increase would most likely be included on a special election ballot, which the governor has proposed in order to alleviate the ongoing state budget crisis.[1]

The previous time the tax was discussed in legislature, on December 16, 2009, Secretary of State Ken Bennett stated that the state needed more time to set up an election for the measure. Republican legislative leaders stated that the measure should not go forward with a March election date because there is no legal way to place it on the ballot during that month. Brewer called Arizona Legislature into the fifth special session the next day, despite these concerns. However the referral of the ballot measure to the state voters was dropped.[2][3][4]

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