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Same-sex marriage advocates moving forward in Minnesota

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February 15, 2013


By Zac Humphrey

ST. PAUL, Minnesota: Marriage equality supporters are set to hold a rally at the state capitol. Organizers are expecting 2,000 same-sex marriage supporters to be in attendance.[1] This comes on the heels of a constitutional amendment that would have banned same-sex marriage in the 2012 general election.[2]

Some Minnesota Republican lawmakers are open to the possibility of supporting a move to legalize same-sex marriage in the state. This support could come at a cost, however. In the eight states that have used legislative action to legalize same-sex marriage, only 47 Republican members have voted in favor. Of those, only 21 are still in office. Many faced stiff primary challenges or shunning from their colleagues. Others chose to retire. There is the chance that the Democratic-controlled Minnesota State Legislature could pass the measure without any Republican vote, but there is the possibility that some rural Democratic members would not support the effort.[2]

Gov. Mark Dayton recently reaffirmed his support of same-sex marriage in his state of the state address. Despite the defeat of the recent constitutional amendment, there is still the concern that widespread support of same-sex marriage exists.[3]

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