Same-sex marriage issue re-appears in Maine

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July 30, 2011


AUGUSTA, Maine: For the second time in four elections, state voters may see the issue of same-sex marriage on the ballot. A referendum is scheduled to be filed soon, regarding the repeal of a voter-approved same-sex marriage ban in 2009. That 2009 measure oveturned a legislatively-approved law that allowed same sex marriage.

In 2009, Question 1 was an effort by opponents of same-sex marriage in Maine to use Maine's People's Veto process to overturn "An Act to Promote Marriage Equality and Affirm Religious Freedom." This act (Public Law Chapter 82, of the 124th Maine Legislature) authorized same-sex marriage in Maine. It was passed by the Maine State Legislature and signed by the former Maine Governor, Governor Baldacci on May 6, 2009.[1]

The 2012 referendum is scheduled to be filed during the month of July 2011.[2]

In order for the measure to be placed on the ballot, 57,277 signatures need to be submitted by the January 30, 2012 petition drive deadline. The organizer of the petition drive is EqualityMaine.

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