San Juan County Council Member Reduction Amendment Proposition (November 2012)

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A San Juan County Council Member Reduction Amendment measure was on the November 6, 2012 election ballot in San Juan County, which is in Washington.

If approved, this proposition amends the San Juan County Charter to reduce the number of County Council members from 6 to 3. This proposition also changes the way Council Members are elected from district elections to county wide elections.[1]

Election results

San Juan County Amendment Prop. 1
Approveda Yes 4,632 55.44%

Election results from San Juan County, Current Election Results.

Text of measure

Language on the ballot:

The San Juan County Charter Review Commission has proposed charter amendments to reduce the number of Council members. This measure would reduce the County Council from six (6) members nominated and elected by district to three (3) members, each residing in a separate district but nominated and elected by the entire County. This measure also includes technical revisions and clarifications to the charter and a transition plan that provides for implementation at special elections in April 2013.

Should this proposal be:




Tom Cowan, Senator Kevin Ranker and John Evans, who are all former County Commissioners and supporters of the amendment, argue that this proposition would increase the responsiveness of the Council as each council member will be accountable to every voter in the county and unify the County as a whole as three men will be making decisions for the whole county based on the approval of the whole county.[1]


Lola Deane, Art Lange, and Charlie Bodenstab, members of the Committee to Save Our Charter and opponents to the amendment, argue that to revert back to the pre-home rule charter 3 member board is to relinquish the proper representation. They also assert that there is no sound reason to relinquich the 6-member Council because it has been able to resolve unfinished business left by the old 3 member Board of County Commissioners.[1]

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