Sand Lake Village Dissolution (August 2010)

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A Sand Lake Village Dissolution measure was on the August 3, 2010 ballot in the village of Sand Lake which is in Kent County.

This measure was defeated

  • YES 57
  • NO 148 Defeatedd[1]

This measure, through a decision by the Michigan Court of Appeals, appeared on the ballot for villagers to decide if they wanted to dissolve the village. Village officials had contended the petition stating that signatures were gained through misleading statements by the petitioners, but the judge ruled in favor of the petitioners. Proponents hoped the dissolution would lend way to lower property tax rates and get rid of unneeded services.[2] If this measure had been approved, the villagers would have been just a part of Nelson Township. Opponents said that the township would not be able to provide residents the same services the village now does. But reducing property taxes from around $3,013 a year to $1,620 was a big push for dissolving the village.[3]

The village has been around for 141 years and the current president of the village was working to get support against the dissolution process. Many homes have been up for foreclosure in the area and petitions saw the only way to help residents was to dissolve the village, the only way to ensure lower property taxes. Though some thought it too extreme, they saw it as the best and quickest way to get things changed. The current property tax rate is the highest of the county's incorporated villages. A two-thirds approval of the 300 registered voters in the village was needed for the measure to be approved.[4]

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