Santa Rosa Assortment of City Charter Amendments, Measure T (November 2012)

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A Santa Rosa Assortment of City Charter Amendments, Measure T ballot question was on the November 6, 2012, ballot for voters in the City of Santa Rosa in Sonoma County, where it was approved.

Measure T made a number of changes to the Santa Rosa City Charter.

Specifically, it:

(The language below is from the city attorney's impartial analysis with slight changes made to verb tense.)

  • Moved language in Section 6 "Meetings of the City Council" regarding the seating of new Council members after an election to Section 30 "Elections," amend the wording to be consistent with State law, and move provisions in that section regarding the appointment of the Mayor to Section 15 "Mayor."
  • Added a provision to Section 15 on the appointment of the Mayor to provide that if a Council member fulfills the unexpired term of a prior Mayor for a year or less, such service shall not bar the Council member from serving as Mayor for purposes of the consecutive term limits on the position of Mayor.
  • Clarified Section 12 regarding the Charter Review to require appointments to the Charter Review Committee be made consistent with Section 11 of the Charter regarding diversity and in accordance with Council policies on board and commission appointments.
  • Changed the date of the public hearing on the City's budget under Section 28 from January to no later than March 31.
  • Extended the time under Section 31 for the City Council to fill a Council vacancy from 30 to 60 days to be consistent with State law. Provide that the public library services under Section 33 may be provided through a joint powers agreement with other public agencies.
  • Authorized the City to use qualified IRS retirement plans other than CalPERS. Any change to the City's retirement system or benefits would by State law be subject to meet and confer requirements with the employee bargaining units.

Election results

Measure T
Approveda Yes 39,620 76.5%
Final official results from the Sonoma County elections office (dead link).

Ballot text

The question on the ballot:

MEASURE T: "Shall amendments to the Santa Rosa City Charter be adopted that reorganize, update and clarify certain sections relating to the Charter Review, Mayor, Budget, Elections, Council Vacancy, Public Library, and Pensions?"[1]

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