Sarasota City Charter Amendment Measures, 23 (November 2011)

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Twenty-three Sarasota City Charter Amendment Measures will be on the 2012 ballot in the city of Sarasota which is in Sarasota County.

These amendments were to be on the November 2011 ballot, but were later moved to 2012 in order to save the city $65,000.[1]

The twenty-three proposed amendments came about from the charter review commission's recommendations. The review commission meets every ten years to go through the city charter and make recommendations on proposed changes. Proposed changes include extending the time period for gathering signatures for a petition drive, taking out 7 pages which dealt with additional wages for WalMart employees and another would require a majority of council votes for approving lease contracts for more than ten years.Further amendments include a fair amount of clerical changes and financial changes to the city government's business.[2]