Sarasota Expansion of City Commission Vote, 2009

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A Sarasota Expansion of City Commission Vote was on the March 10 ballot to determine if voters in Sarasota county wanted to expand the size of the city commission from 5 to 7 commissioners and directly elect their mayor.

The charter amendment was defeated with 35.2% votes in support and 64.8% against.[1]

The drive to expand the commission started in late 2008 when a group of Sarasota citizens who want an elected mayor got 10% of the city voters to sign a petition to put the issue on the ballot.

7 commissioners are needed, it was argued, because the current 5 commissioners and an elected mayor would make a group of six - an even number - which could lead to tie votes. Consequently, the citizen's group decided that adding another at-large commissioner along with an elected Mayor would be an odd number and avoid tie votes.[2]

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