Save our Florida Initiative (2008)

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The Save Our Florida initiated constitutional amendment, which did not appear on the November 4, 2008 ballot, according to its ballot text reads:

Protectss the Quality of Life of Floridans by preserving the environment, creating a positive business climate, efficient education system, individual rights, lower taxes and limiting spending on non-Floridans along with creating a responsible growth management policy.[1]

Specifically the ballot would have:

  • Protected animal and plant life from unnecessary harm
  • Before opening or operating a business the state should encourage environmental friendly practices, give economically depressed areas financial assistance, businesses encouraged to create jobs but not at the risk of being hazardous to the environment
  • Developers can be required to help pay for public school construction costs where overcrowding exists
  • The state of Florida and local school boards must maintain proper educational standards and class sizes
  • Individual rights must be protected and equitably reimbursed for private property use for government intervention
  • Polluters must be fined instead of it being passed onto taxpayers
  • Non-residents of Florida would no longer be able to receive financial assistance unless for emergency humanitarian reasons.


Michael Wilhelm chaired the Save our Florida PAC.


The initiative was approved by the Florida Secretary of State and circulated, but it did not make the ballot.

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