Second smoking ban ballot measure rejected in South Dakota

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February 17, 2010

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PIERRE, South Dakota: One smoking ban measure has been approved for the ballot, while a second measure was shot down this week. The certified South Dakota Smoking Ban Referendum (2010) asks voters to decide whether the extended smoking ban should apply statewide. The extended smoking ban would ban smoking in bars, Deadwood casinos and video lottery establishments. This is an extension of the 2002 ban on smoking in workplaces and most public areas, approved by legislators in 2009.[1] A second smoking related measure, however, proposed a "weaker smoking ban" than the approved 2009 smoking ban extension. The proposed bill would have allowed smoking in bars and casinos if separate rooms are established for smoking and nonsmoking customers. According to the House Health Committee the measure was defeated after legislators worried having two similar measures on the ballot may confuse voters and lead to a court hearing about which took precedence, if both were to be approved by voters.[2][3]

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