Secretary of state certifies marijuana measure for South Dakota 2010 ballot

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March 18, 2010

PIERRE, South Dakota: This week the South Dakota Secretary of State certified the proposed medical marijuana measure for the November 2, 2010 statewide ballot. Supporters were required to collect a minimum of 16,776 valid signatures and approximately 30,000 signatures were filed in February 2010.[1] The measure calls for limited use of marijuana to treat severe debilitating pain, nausea, seizures and other medical problems. If approved, patients and/or their caregivers would be allowed to possess up to 6 plants and 1 ounce of marijuana at a time.[2] In 2006 a marijuana-related measure was defeated with a 52.3% vote against the proposed measure. The 2006 South Dakota Medical Marijuana Measure proposed allowing "persons, including minors with parental consent, with a debilitating medical condition, to be certified to grow (not more than six plants), possess (not more than one ounce) and use small amounts of marijuana for medical purposes."[3]

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