Senate Bill 278, Alabama 2010

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Ab   Senate Bill 278    LegislationbarS2.pngn
Status: Final Status:Committee.pngc (Referred to Governmental Affairs Committee)
(Referred to Governmental Affairs Committee)
Sponsor: Senator Steve French
Introduction date: 01-19-10
State law: Alabama Public Records Law
Bill text: As introduced

Status key:  
Yes.png = Passed,No.png = Failed/Vetoed,
Committee.png = CommitteeWaiting.png = Awaiting Vote

SB 278

Senate Bill 278 was a bill introduced to the Alabama Senate by Senator Steve French, which would require any municipality to give notification of changes to ordinance laws by posting information in the mayors' office, post office, in a local newspaper or online.[1]

Current bill status

This bill is currently under review by the Governmental Affairs Committee.

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