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Shari Buck recall, North Las Vegas, Nevada (2011)

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An effort to recall Shari Buck from her position as mayor of North Las Vegas, Nevada, in Clark County was abandoned in December 2011.[1] The effort was launched in September 2011.[2]

Buck is serving a four-year term to which she was elected in 2009.

Reasons for recall

Those who supported the recall effort gave these reasons:

  • North Las Vegas resident Bob Borgersen: "This probably isn't going to solve anything because of the position the city of North Las Vegas is in at the present time. This may stop more things from happening...I understand the economy's bad and that we don't have sales tax coming in ... I'm not blaming everything on the mayor. But the Gregory Rose contract from a few years ago was a golden parachute." (Former city manager, Rose, left the city in December 2009 with a $337,040 severance package.)[3]
  • James Olive: "Mayor Buck has demonstrated an inability to effectively lead and protect the citizens of North Las Vegas. In reality, Mayor Buck has shown extraordinary leadership skills protecting the police and fire unions while she destroys the rest of the city."[4]
  • Jacquelyn Isbach: "I mainly didn’t like the fact that we built a new City Hall in these bad economic times and the fact that (Buck) then decorated her office, which isn’t going to be her office by the end of the year. It’s not right at all."[2]
  • William Robinson II: "The city is going under. We need somebody in that has got the city’s best interest at hand and not their own personal interest."[2]

Buck's response

"I don't agree with (the recall). I'm doing my best to balance the budget and keep providing services to the city. I think at this time when things are so difficult, it's far better for people to be trying to build others up rather than tearing people down."[3]

Path to the ballot

To force a recall election on Buck, recall organizers would have needed to collect 2,466 signatures in 90 days. Petition signers must be North Las Vegas residents who voted in the 2009 mayoral race.[2]

On November 30, with less than a week to go before the signature submission deadline, Borgersen estimated that recall supporters had collected "hundreds" of signatures, "Not even in the high hundreds."[5]

By the December 5th, 2011 signature submission deadline, recall organizers had only collected 406 signatures out of the 2,466 signatures necessary to force a recall election.[1]

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