Sharpsburg officials review alcohol ordinances

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July 1, 2009

SHARPSBURG, Georgia: Last month, Sharpsburg officials announced that they planned to review the city's alcohol ordinances. Specifically, city council members planned to review proposed rules and fees. In 2001 the city adopted an ordinance to allow retail sales of beer and wine. In 2004, residents in favor of allowing "alcohol by the drink" to be sold in restaurants. The city's alcohol ordinances will be finalized in July 2009. Sharpsburg's review has spurred reviews in other Georgia cities including: Senoia and Grantville. Some of the suggested changes include allowing package liquor sales; currently illegal in Senoia. However, Senoia Mayor Robert Belisle noted that if the residents want to allow package sales then they must present a petition. "It is not a council action that drives this to a public referendum. It has to be a citizen driven petition," he said. Grantville too is completing a review. According to city officials changes will include updating ordinances to reflect changes in state law. Grantville is the currently the only town in Coweta County that has package liquor sales.[1]

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