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Shelby County is a county in Alabama. Its county seat is Columbiana.

Website evaluation

Transparency Grade
Budget P
Meetings Y
600px-Yes check.png
Elected Officials P
Administrative Officials
Permits, zoning
Audits P
Contracts Y
600px-Yes check.png
Lobbying N
600px-Red x.png
Public records P
Local taxes
County websitesGuide.png
Transparency grading process

Last rated on January 4, 2012.

The good

  • Elected Officials
    • Elected officials are listed with a mailing address and phone number.[1]
  • Administrative officials
    • Department heads are listed for each department.
    • Contact information for administrative officials is provided including a mailing address and phone number.
  • Meetings
    • Meeting minutes are archived for 3 years.
    • Meeting agendas are archived for 3 years.
    • A meeting calendar is available and names the times and locations of public meetings.[2]
  • Contracts
    • Bids and RFPs are posted online.
    • Approved contract statements are provided for vendors.[3]
  • Permits and zoning
    • Zoning ordinances are posted online.
    • Permit applications can be downloaded on the site, along with information on how to apply for the permits.[4]
  • Taxes
    • Tax revenues are broken down by federal, state, and local funding in the budget.
    • Local taxes, like property taxes, are available online.
    • Residents are able to pay taxes online.[5][6]
  • Audits
    • An audit is available for one year.[7]
  • Budget
    • Current year budget summary provided.[8]
  • Public records
    • The public information officer is identified and maintained by Shelby County Public Records. This person provides a mailing address, phone number and personalized email.[9]

The bad

  • Audits
    • Three years of audits not provided.
  • Elected officials
    • Elected officials' email addresses are not posted.
  • Budgets
    • Three years of budgets not provided.
    • Current budget summary is provided, but full budget not posted.
  • Lobbying
    • If the county engaged in lobbying actives or if it's a member of government lobbying associations are not disclosed. Nor is the total cost lobbying activities or membership dues for associations available.
  • Public records
    • No public records request form provided. A form is referenced on the site but form could not be located at time of evaluation.
    • Fee schedule not provided. Costs are discussed generally, but no specific fees are given.[10]


The County Commission recently passed a budget of $81.8 million with no plans for other raises or additional hiring[11]. However, the Sheriff office is currently threatening legal action over unpaid merit raises the Shelby County Law Enforcement Personnel Board approved[12]. Sheriff Chris Curry has also cited the increased cost of gasoline in addition to the lack of personnel pay raises in cutting back certain law enforcement services[13].

Public employees

Elected officials

Shelby County is governed by a Commission consisting of nine elected members, each representing a district.

Member Title District
Corley Ellis Chairman District 1
Tommy Edwards Commissioner District 2
Jon Parker Commissioner District 3
Daniel M. Acker Commissioner District 4
Joel Bearden Commissioner District 5
Larry Dillard Commissioner District 6
Lindsey Allison Commissioner District 7
Rick Shepherd Commissioner District 8
Robbie Hayes Vice-Chairman District 9

No salary or pension information is listed.

Administrative officials

Member Title
Chris Curry Sherriff
Kenneth R. "Randy" Cole County Engineer
Diana S. Hawkins Coroner
Alex Dudchock County Manager


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Diana S. Hawkins recently received a raise of $11,500 from a previous salary of $48,500[11]


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