Sherry Carr recall, Seattle, Washington (2012)

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An effort to recall Sherry Carr from her position on the Seattle School Board in the state of Washington was launched in October 2012.[1] The recall effort was judicially invalidated in November 2012.[2]

Reasons for recall

Rita Green filed the recall petition. The catalyst for recall was Carr’s vote to allow some Seattle schools to become Creative Approach Schools, which could be exempted from some district policies. Carr had previously questioned whether the district’s superintendent should be allowed to waive district policy rather than the board.[1]

Path to the ballot

In accordance with the laws governing recall in Washington, a King County judge would have needed to agree that Green’s allegations, if true, constituted wrongful conduct or violation of Carr's oath of office.[1] The recall effort fell short in November 2012 when King County Superior Court Judge Palmer Robinson ruled that the allegations against Green did not constitute malfeasance.[2]

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