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The Show-Me Institute (SMI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, free-market research and education organization in Missouri. Founded in 2005, it is "dedicated to improving the quality of life for all citizens of Missouri by advancing sensible, well-researched solutions to state and local policy issues."[1]


"Policy Pulse"

Policy Pulse is a website created by SMI that provides information on government in Missouri. It includes the St. Louis Municipal Code, current state legislation and media coverage. Users are able to create an account to track legislation.

"Show Me Living"

Show Me Living is a project to increase government transparency and increase citizen knowledge on a number of state issues. It currently has an online tax estimator and information on education, including report cards on schools, school ranks, district ranks and other documents.


SMI conducts research on a wide variety of issues facing Missouri. Main policy areas include:

  • Education - "how to empower parents by expanding educational options and providing them with better information"
  • Taxes - "impact of tax and spending policies, and develop reforms that will give us more for our tax dollars and spur faster economic growth."
  • Privatization - "determine how taxpayers can benefit from market-based alternatives."
  • Corporate welfare - "policy recommendations to protect property rights and promote economic growth without caving in to demands for corporate welfare."
  • Healthcare - "Show-Me Institute highlights the ways that a consumer-driven, market-based model for coverage can help more people get the care they need while taking ownership for their own health and lifestyle decisions."
  • Red tape - "showing how burdensome regulations stand in the way of economic growth and individual prosperity. Market solutions lose their strength when bound by red tape."


SMI's board of directors funds the basic operations of the Institute. Additionally, the Institute receives funding from individuals, foundations and corporations. It does not accept government funding or do contract work.[1]

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