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Silicon Valley Leadership Group

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Silicon Valley Leadership Group
The Silicon Valley Leadership Group, according to its website, involves "principal officers and senior managers of member companies in a cooperative effort with local, regional, state, and federal government officials to address major public policy issues affecting the economic health and quality of life in Silicon Valley." About 300 companies belong to the SVLG, including Accenture and Yahoo!.[1]

Carl Guardino is the president and chief executive officer of the SVLG.

State politics

In 2009, the SVLG supported the tax deal in the California State Legislature that included California Proposition 1A (May 2009), which was a $16 billion tax hike. They also lobbied to win a tax break for corporations that lets "companies choose whether to have their income tax based on the proportion of their total sales occurring in California or on a combination of their sales and their operations here, including payrolls and property."[1] The rule they lobbied for creates a tax cut for firms that have a big presence in California but sell most of their products elsewhere.[1]

Lenny Goldberg hopes to repeal that tax break through a ballot initiative, the California Corporate Loophole Repeal Initiative (2010).

For the 2010 ballot proposition season, the SVLG is flexing its muscles by supporting the Two Top Primary, on the June ballot, and the $11 billion water bond proposition on the November ballot.[1]

Local ballot measures

SVLG has been involved with several sales tax ballot measures in Santa Clara County, including the campaign to pass the Santa Clara VTA sales tax for BART, Measure B (November 2008).[2]

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