Six year gap since voters saw ballot measures in Indiana

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June 10, 2010

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana: The year 2004 was the last time Indiana voters had a chance to chime in on statewide ballot measures. That year, there were three legislatively-referred constitutional amendments on the ballot, with all three being approved by voters. One measure allowed the Indiana General Assembly to make certain property exempt from property taxes. The second measure allowed the Indiana General Assembly to "establish a uniform date for the beginning of the terms of the county offices>." Finally, the third measure on the ballot defined what office in the state would act as Governor of Indiana if both that seat and the Lieutenant Governor of Indiana seat are vacant.

This year, Indiana residents will again decide on property taxes, as there is a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment on the ballot that would add property tax caps to the Indiana Constitution. The measure was introduced by Senators Patricia L. Miller, Luke Kenley and Brandt Hershman introduced the measure.

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