Sno-Isle Library Tax Levy Increase, 2009

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A Sno-Isle Library Tax Levy Increase was on the November 3, 2009 ballot in Snohomish County for county voters.

The measure was approved.[1]

  • YES 76,843 (53.27%)Approveda
  • NO 67,421 (46.73%)

The measure will instate a 9 cent per $1,000 increase to the library district's current levy rate. In other words, a homeowner of a $300,000 home would pay $27 more a year. The tax levy increase measure was proposed in light of the library's planned budget cuts for 2010. The additional revenue is estimated to be enough to maintain the "current essential services."[2]

Ballot summary

The ballot read:

"Sno-Isle Library District Proposition 1 Levy Rate Proposition The Board of Trustees of Sno-Isle Intercounty Rural Library District adopted Resolution No. 09-03 concerning a proposition to authorize a regular property tax levy. This proposition would authorize the District to increase the previous levy rate to $0.40 per $1,000.00 of assessed valuation pursuant to RCW 84.55.050(1) for taxes collected in 2010, to provide funding for normal operation and maintenance of the Sno-Isle Intercounty Rural Library District; and said levy rate shall be used for the purpose of computing the limitations for subsequent levies provided for in Chapter 84.55 RCW. Should this proposition be:"[3]