South Dakota 1918 ballot measures

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Thirteen statewide measures was on the November 5, 1918 ballot in South Dakota.

On the ballot

November 5

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Debt for State Development Gov't Finances Allows the state to incur debts for state improvement Approveda
LRCA Graduated Income Tax Taxes Provides for a graduated individual income tax Approveda
LRCA School Lands Down Payment Property Reduces the down payment for school lands purchases Approveda
LRCA Replace Disqualified Supreme Justices Judiciary Provides for temporary replacement of disqualified Supreme Court Justices Approveda
LRCA State Cement Admin of Gov't Allows the state to manufacture and sell cement Approveda
LRCA State Coal Natural Resources Allows the state to mine and sell coal Approveda
LRCA State Grain and Meat Businesses Food & Ag Allows the state to build and operate grain elevators and warehouses, as well as flour and meat packing plants Approveda
LRCA State Hail Insurance Insurance Allows the state to enter the hail insurance business Approveda
LRCA Internal Improvement Admin of Gov't Allows state works of internal improvement Approveda
LRCA State Salaries Increase Gov't Salaries Increases some state salaries Defeatedd
LRCA State Water Power Energy Allows the state to develop and supply hydroelectric power Approveda
LRCA Women's Suffrage Suffrage Grants women the right to vote Approveda
IndISS Richard's Primary Law Elections Reinstates a modified version of the 1912 Richard's Primary Law Approveda

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