South Dakota Permit Large Scale Mining Measure (1990)

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South Dakota Issue 2 (1990) was a measure that permits large scale gold/silver mining. It failed with 129,824 votes opposed.

Text of measure

This initiative requires that a large-scale gold or silver mining operation be granted a permit by the Board of Minerals and Environment only if the total amount of land under permit in the Black Hills does not exceed 3,100 acres. When the total "affected land" equals 3,100 acres, a large-scale mining operation could only obtain or amend a permit for new lands by: (1) relinquishing land which was permitted and either reclaimed or not mined; (2) obtaining permitted land from other mine operators; or (3) reclaiming previously mined, but unreclaimed lands.

"Affected land" is currently defined as land which has: 1. Had the waste rock and topsoil removed; 2. Had waste deposited on it; or 3. Been disturbed by surface mining or surface affects of underground mining, i.e. access roads, warehouses, and storage areas.

Affected mining operations include large-scale gold and silver surface and underground mines. A large-scale mining operation is one which affects more than ten acres, excluding access roads, and extracts more than 25,000 tons of ore or waste rock and topsoil per calendar year. No limitation is placed on the quantity of land which could be affected by small-scale gold and silver mining operations.[1]


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