South Dakota Prohibit Property Taxes from Funding Schools (1998)

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South Dakota Amendment A was on the 1998 election ballot in South Dakota. The measure concerned prohibiting the use of property taxes to fund school districts. It was defeated with 198,256 votes opposed.

Text of measure

School districts have a constitutional right to use real property taxes to pay their expenses. On average, about half of school funding comes from property taxes. If property taxes are removed as a source of revenue for schools, the Constitution requires that the Legislature find some other method of funding public schools. Amendment A would not eliminate property taxes, but would prohibit using such taxes for public schools. It contains no effective date. If it is effective immediately, and the Legislature does not meet and find an immediate alternative revenue source, then contract rights may be violated. Property taxes for payment of existing school bonds will probably not be affected. Amendment A may conflict with Amendment F. If both constitutional amendments pass and are found to conflict with each other, one or both could be declared void.

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