South Dakota Referral to Require Seat Belts (1994)

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South Dakota Referred Law 2 (1994) was an Act to require the use of safety belt systems in passenger vehicles. It passed with 158,705 votes in favor.

Text of measure

This law would require front seat occupants of cars, vans, motor homes, or trucks, to wear seat belts. Vehicles manufactured before September 1, 1973, motorcycles, buses, farm tractors, and certain other vehicles, are exempted. Drivers must require that front seat passengers under 18 wear seat belts. Current law already requires that children under 5 be in seat belts and children under 2 be in child safety seats.

Violation of this law is a petty offense with a $20 civil fine. Violators may be ticketed for this offense only if the vehicle is stopped for some other reason.

A vote "YES" will require front seat occupants to wear seat belts.

A vote "NO" will not require the use of seat belts.[1]


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