South Dakota Waste Facilities Measure (1990)

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South Dakota Issue 1 (1990) was a measure regarding large scale waste facilities, subject to legislative approval. It passed with 130,465 votes in favor.

Text of measure

This initiative, if passed, would require Legislative approval of all permits issued by the Board of Minerals and Environment which authorize the siting, construction, or operation of a large-scale solid waste facility. It applies only to those facilities which dispose of or incinerate over two hundred thousand tons of solid waste per year.

The initiative will be retroactive to July 1, 1989. It directs the Board of Minerals and Environment to stop the operation of any existing large-scale solid waste facility until the Legislature finds the facility to be environmentally safe, in the public interest, and approves the permit.

At the present time, one such facility would be closed by this initiative, until approved by the Legislature. If this facility is legally operating upon passage of this initiative, the question of whether the owners are entitled to compensation from the State will have to be addressed.[1]

Later Developments

House Bill 1148, submitted in early 2008, seeks an exemption from this measure for the Northern Beef Packers plant in Aberdeen. The beef plant seeks to use it's wastewater to supply farmers.[2]