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This is where you an list transparency advocates in South Dakota. This could expand into elected officials, foundations, action groups and bloggers or journalists.

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A complaint about 2 bad judges was sent to the SD Judicial Qualifications Commission was sent last year. They never answered the complaint, instead saying they will have a hearing on the matter. The Court Judges know and have proof that the custodial parent is using the child's identity beginning when the child was 10. A report was issued on id theft by the Yankton Sheriff last April but there was no follow up or prosecution. Last December, the custodial parent applied on line to First Premier Bank in Sioux Falls South Dakota, using the child's identity mixed with false information. Credit card fraud and identity theft under laws both State and Federal. A letter was sent 3/22/2010 and was refused delivery and they would not sign for the letter. Under the SD Constitution Article V section 9 the Judicial Qualifications Commission is to investigate complaints not ignore them especially when the Chief Justice of the SD Supreme court is involved.

The SD Bar does not want people to know this is happening since they were against Amendment E. The SD bar and no on E said that corrupt judges do not exist in South Dakota yet this is proof they do and the bad Judges get away with it.[[Category:WikiFOIA