Southampton Town Mid Term Special Election (November 2009)

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There was a Southampton Town Mid Term Special Election proposal on the November 3 ballot in Suffolk County for voters in the town of Southampton.

This proposal will make it so that if an elected position is vacated mid term then the town would have to hold a special election to fill that position within 90 days after the vacated position is declared. If there is a general election within the 90 days then a special election is not needed and the county would pay if there did happen to be a need for a special election. As it currently stands, the town board appoints a replacement for the vacated position then the voters decide at the next regular election whether to keep that person in the position or elect another. This change is seen as a positive way for voters to have more of a say and elected officials not to be able to force opinions on the electorate in regards to whom they appoint.[1]

Election result

Southampton Town Vacancy Change Proposition
Result Votes Percentage
Approveda Yes 5666 66.32%
No 2877 33.68%
Total votes 8543 100.00%
Voter turnout 23.20%