Spokane City Marijuana Offense Enforcement Policy (2010)

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There now will not be a Spokane City Marijuana Offense Enforcement Policy ballot proposition in Spokane County for residents in the city of Spokane.

Local residents had set to meet with the city council to discuss a ballot measure that would relax the offense degree that occurs when a person is caught with marijuana in their possession. Citizens for a Sensible Spokane are those who were trying to get this issue to a vote, they wanted it so that if anyone is caught with marijuana they would get the lowest offense priority. It is legal in Washington to possess and grow marijuana for medical purposes, but laws regarding those that do not grow it are not clear. Advocates for this new legislation had shown that as proof that the current laws are flawed and need to be better clarified.[1]

The city council decided to table the issue indefinitely, meaning that they will not decide on the issue in the near future and may never come back to it. The council had the final say if the issue would of been on a ballot to be voted on.[2]