Stamford City Council recall, Texas, 2009

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A petition was being circulated in the city of Stamford, Texas to recall all five members of the Stamford City Council. In an organized meeting held on September 15, 2009, residents started the petition to begin the process of gathering signatures for the recall election of council members Billy McCrary, Harold Ludecke, Bob Harrison, Dennis Braden and Leldon Clifton.[1]

Approximately 50 concerned citizens attended a meeting and backed the recall efforts because of water problems that struck the city. Other reasons for the recall included the termination of the city’s fire chief and a bleak financial situation. Although there were multiple reasons for the recall effort, water issues took the main spotlight. Residents complained of a raise in the water rates, a $75 fee to turn water back on after disconnection, dirty bath and tap water and little to no water pressure.

As of April 2015, there is no additional information on this recall and it has been considered abandoned. If you have more information on this event, please contact us.

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