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State Senator requests Delaware AG Biden rule on legality of Obamacare

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June 10, 2010

DOVER SOUTH, Delaware: Three months after President Barack Obama signed into law the controversial House Resolution 3590 - The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Republican State Senator Colin Bonini has issued a letter to Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden requesting a ruling on the constitutionality of the federal mandate. Bonini argues that the requirement that every citizen must purchase health insurance is a tremendous power grab by the federal government, infringing on the rights of those who would rather opt out of the proposed federal health care system.[1]

The letter from Bonini, who is running for state treasurer this November, is considered to be a symbolic gesture on behalf of one of the more conservative members of the state assembly as it is very unlikely Biden will issue an opinion on the controversial issue. The Delaware Attorney General is, after all, the son of Vice President Joe Biden who, along with President Obama, aggressively pushed the matter for ten whole months before narrowly being adopted in both houses of Congress and signed into law.

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