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The following is a table comparing all states that conduct elections on the issue of school finance transparency.

For a detailed explanation on how transparency and accountability are applied towards public school financing, please see State-by-state comparison of school bond and tax laws.

Explaining table of metrics

The following comparisons under the transparency category are

  • Posts Checkbook Online-If a state requires to have school districts put their checkbooks online.
  • Posts Contracts Online-If a state requires to have school districts put their contracts online.
  • Stimulus Funding-If a state fully discloses which school districts received money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 also known as the stimulus bill.
  • Election Results-If a state requires school districts to report their election results to a government agency or a private agency monitors the results

State by-state comparison table

State Posts Checkbook Online Posts Contracts Online Stimulus Funding Election Results
Alabama Defeatedd Defeatedd Approveda[1]
Arkansas Defeatedd Defeatedd Approveda[2] Defeatedd
Arizona Defeatedd Defeatedd Approveda[3] Defeatedd
Colorado Pending Legislation Pending Legislation Defeatedd[4] Defeatedd
Connecticut Defeatedd Defeatedd Approveda[5] Approveda[6]
Delaware Defeatedd Defeatedd Approveda[7] Defeatedd[8] +
Florida Defeatedd Defeatedd Defeatedd[9] Defeatedd
Georgia Approveda[10] * Defeatedd Approveda[11] Approveda[12]
Illinois Defeatedd Defeatedd Approveda[13] Approveda[14]
Indiana Defeatedd Defeatedd Approveda[15] Approveda[16].
Iowa Defeatedd Defeatedd Defeatedd[17] Approveda[18]
Kansas Pending Legislation Defeatedd Defeatedd[19] Approveda[20]
Kentucky Defeatedd Defeatedd Approveda[21] Defeatedd
Louisiana Defeatedd Defeatedd Defeatedd[22] Approveda[23]
Maine Defeatedd Defeatedd Approveda[24]. Defeatedd
Michigan Pending Legislation Pending Legislation Approveda[25] Approveda[26]
Minnesota DefeateddNo DefeateddNo Approveda[27] Approveda[28]
Missouri Defeatedd Defeatedd Approveda[29] Approveda[30]
North Carolina Defeatedd Defeatedd Approveda[31] Approveda[32]
New Jersey Defeatedd Defeatedd Approveda[33] Approveda[34]
New Mexico Defeatedd Defeatedd Approveda[35] Approveda[36]
New York State Approveda[37] Approveda[38] Approveda[39] Approveda[40]
Nevada Defeatedd Defeatedd Approveda[41] Approveda[42]
Ohio ApprovedaYes-Beginning April 15, 2010 Defeatedd Approveda[43] Approveda[44]
Oklahoma Defeatedd Defeatedd Defeatedd[45] Defeatedd
Oregon Defeatedd Defeatedd Approveda[46] Approveda[47]
Pennsylvania Defeatedd Defeatedd ApprovedaYes-Search by County Defeatedd
South Carolina Approveda[48] Approveda[49] Approveda[50] Approveda[51]
South Dakota Defeatedd Defeatedd Approveda[52] Defeatedd
Texas Pending Legislation Under Evaluation by State Comptroller Approveda[53] Approveda[54]
Utah Approveda[55] Approveda[56] Approveda[57] Defeatedd
Virginia Defeatedd Defeatedd Defeatedd Defeatedd
Washington State Defeatedd Defeatedd Approveda[58] Approveda[59]
West Virginia Defeatedd Defeatedd Approveda[60]
Wisconsin Defeatedd Defeatedd Approveda[61] Approveda[62]
Wyoming Defeatedd Defeatedd Defeatedd Defeatedd
  • * Only for School Board Members Travel Expenses
  • + Delaware stopped posting school bond election results in 2002.

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