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State ethics board seeking flier distributors

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July 14, 2009

ANKENY, Iowa: The State Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board is trying to determine the identity of person or group behind a flier advocating residents to vote against a September 8, 2009 bond referendum to pay for an elementary school project. The flier states that it is “paid for by Concerned Citizens of Ankeny,” but there is no group with that name registered with the ethics board, according to Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board director, Charlie Smithson.[1]

Nothing needs to be filed with the board if the flier cost $100 or less, and was produced and distributed by someone acting alone using their own funds. However in the even that the flier cost more than $100, an independent expenditure statement needed to be filed with the board, according to Smithson. In addition, if the cost exceeded $750, the group needed to register as a political action committee before proceeding with distribution.


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