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January 12, 2010


See also: January 12, 2010 elections in California


Democratic Party John MacMurray 31%
Republican Party Chris Norby 63% Green check mark transparent.png
Green Party Jane Rands 6%

Orange County Supervisor Chris Norby won the seat with 63% of the vote.[1]


April 13


California State Assembly District 43


Democratic Party Mike Gatto
Democratic Party Chahe Keuroghelian
Democratic Party Nayiri Nahabedian
Republican Party Sunder Ramani

Gatto and Ramani will compete in a runoff election on June 8. In the special election Gatto received 10,584 votes and Ramani 10,403.[2]

Runoff election results:[3]

Democratic Party Mike Gatto 58.7% Approveda Winner
Republican Party Sunder Ramani


Republican Party Bill Emmerson
Republican Party Russ Bogh
Republican Party David W. Peters
Democratic Party Justin Blake
Democratic Party Arthur Bravo Guerrero
Democratic Party Anna Nevenic
American Independent Matt Monica (American Independent Party)

Emmerson, Blake and Monica faced off in a runoff election on June 8.[4]

Runoff election results:[5]

Republican Party Bill Emmerson 58.38% Approveda Winner
Democratic Party Justin Blake 30.87%
American Independent Matt Monica 10.75%


The primary election was held March 23


Republican Party Craig Barker
Republican Party Matt Gaetz Approveda Winner
Republican Party Bill Garvie
Republican Party Jerry Melvin
Republican Party Kabe Woods
Democratic Party Jan Fernald

May 1, 2010


Democratic Party Ulysses Addison
Democratic Party Dalton Honore Approveda Winner
  • Dadrius Lanus (N)
Democratic Party Mark Milligan
Democratic Party James Slaughter

Honore and Addison faced off in a runoff election, with Honore winning 67% to 33%.[6]


Democratic Party Louis Charbonnet
Democratic Party Thomas Robicheux
Democratic Party Helena Moreno Approveda Winner
Democratic Party Carlos Hornbrook
Democratic Party James Perry

Moreno and Perry faced off in a runoff election, with Moreno winning 56% to 44%.[8]

May 8, 2010


Republican Party David Sibley (45%)
Republican Party Brian Birdwell (37%)
Democratic Party Gayle Avant (13%)
Republican Party Darren Yancey (5%)

Sibley and Birdwell faced off in a runoff election.[9] on June 22.[10]

June 22, 2010 runoff[11]
Republican Party Brian Birdwell 58% Green check mark transparent.png
Republican Party David Sibley


The special election was canceled when Mabrie Jackson withdrew her name before election day. However, the ballot was already printed and on Election Day Jackson received more votes.[13]


The special election was canceled when Terri Hodge had to withdraw because of a felony conviction. That left Eric Johnson unopposed and so the Secretary of State canceled the race.[14]

May 11, 2010



Republican Party Rick Jasperse 71% Approveda Winner
Republican Party Truett Moss - 24%


Democratic Party Jason Carter 65.6% Approveda Winner
Democratic Party Tom Stubbs 22.9%
Libertarian Party David Montane 7.5%
Independent Steve Patrick 3.9%


Republican Party Butch Miller 78% Approveda Winner
Republican Party Jimmy Norman 14%
Libertarian Party Brandon Givens


Republican Party Richard Ross Approveda Winner
Democratic Party Peter Smulowitz
Democratic Party Sal DiDomenico Approveda Winner
Independent John Cesan

May 18, 2010


Democratic Party Adam Ravenstahl Approveda Winner
Democratic Party Dan Keller
Democratic Party Tim Tuinstra
Democratic Party Mark A. Purcell
Republican Party Marcy Toepel Approveda Winner
Democratic Party Bob Dodge

June 15, 2010



Democratic Party Marcos Devers 1,369 Approveda Winner
Independent Rafael Gadea 171



Republican Party Tony Wilt 6,209 Approveda Winner
Democratic Party Kai Degner 2,820
Independent Carolyn Frank 391

June 22, 2010



Republican Party Sam Blakeslee 49.5%
Democratic Party John Laird 41.7%
Libertarian Party Mark Hinkle 2.9%
Independent Jim Fitzgerald 5.9%

Since none of the candidates received 50% of the vote, all four faced off in a runoff election held August 17.[21]

August 17, 2010 runoff results:[22]
Republican Party Sam Blakeslee 48% Green check mark transparent.png
Democratic Party John Laird 44%
Independent Jim Fitzgerald 2%
Libertarian Party Mike Hinkle 2%

December 14, 2010

South Carolina

A special election was held to replace William Wylie (R) who died of a heart attack in September.[23]


Democratic Party Susan Scarborough Smith
Republican Party Phyllis Henderson Green check mark transparent.png

As of December 15, unofficial results show Henderson won with 73% of the vote.[25]


A special election will be held to replace Edmund Kuempel (R) who died of a heart attack two days before the general election.[26]

Candidates as of December 13:[27]

Democratic Party Daniel Rodriguez Andrade 119
Democratic Party Cheryl Dees Patterson 689
Republican Party Ron Avery 79
Republican Party Chris Burchell 73
Republican Party Gary Inmon 1,123
Republican Party John Kuempel Green check mark transparent.png 7,245
Republican Party Myrna McLeroy 1,022
Republican Party Robin R. Walker 544
Libertarian Party Tony Gergely 62
Republican Party Jim Fish - withdrew November 29[28]

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