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State representatives sorted by year first elected, 1970's

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This list sorts current state representatives according to the year they were first elected or appointed to their current office of state representative.

  • If a state representative previously held a different elective office, this list does not sort them based on their year of election to the office they held earlier. Rather, it sorts them only by the year of their election/appointment to a currently-held position of state representative.
  • In some states, legislators are sworn-in to office the year that they were elected. In other states, they assume office (are sworn in) the following year, typically in January. Representatives are ranked below based on the year they were appointed or elected, not on the year they were sworn in.
  • Note: Some years may be blank. There are no current state legislators who first assumed office in those years.
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  1. B. Patrick Bauer (D) from Indiana House of Representatives
    District 6.
  2. Michael Madigan (D) from Illinois House of Representatives District 22.
  3. Richard Gottfried (D) from New York State Assembly District 75.


  1. Joseph Lentol (D) from New York State Assembly District 50.
  2. Lyndon Carlson (D) from Minnesota House of Representatives, District 45A.
  3. Nick Salazar (D) from New Mexico House of Representatives District 40.
  4. Phyllis Kahn (D) from Minnesota House of Representatives, District 60B.
  5. Robert Gilligan (D) from Delaware House of Representatives District 19.
  6. Senfronia Thompson (D) from Texas House of Representatives, District 141.
  7. Thomas Burch (D) from Kentucky House of Representatives, District 30.


  1. Angelo Scaccia (D) from Massachusetts House of Representatives, Fourteenth Suffolk.


  1. Alvin Holmes (D) from Alabama House of Representatives District 78.
  2. Calvin Smyre (D) from Georgia House of Representatives District 135.
  3. Herman Farrell (D) from New York State Assembly District 71.
  4. Mark B. Cohen (Pennsylvania) (D) from Pennsylvania State House District 202.


  1. Dale Volker (R) from New York State Senate, District 59.
  2. Joseph Vallario, Jr. (D) from Maryland House of Delegates District 27B.


  1. Calvin Say (D) from Hawaii House of Representatives District 20.
  2. James Buskey (D) from Alabama House of Representatives District 99.
  3. Johnny Joannou (D) from Virginia House of Delegates District 79.
  4. Robin Schimminger (D) from New York State Assembly District 140.
  5. Sheila Hixson (D) from Maryland House of Delegates District 20.
  6. Sheldon Silver (D) from New York State Assembly District 65.
  7. Thomas Caltagirone (D) from Pennsylvania State House District 127.


  1. James Miceli (D) from Massachusetts House of Representatives, Nineteenth Middlesex.
  2. Jody Richards (D) from Kentucky House of Representatives District 20.
  3. Mary Murphy (Minnesota) (D) from Minnesota House of Representatives, District 3B.


  1. Barbara Flynn Currie (D) from Illinois House of Representatives District 25.
  2. Laura Pantelakos (D) from New Hampshire House of Representatives, Rockingham 25.
  3. Ronald Johnson (R) from Alabama House of Representatives District 33.
  4. Theodore Speliotis (D) from Massachusetts House of Representatives, Thirteenth Essex.


  1. Edward Blackmon, Jr. (D) from Mississippi House of Representatives, District 57.

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