State representatives sorted by year first elected, 1980's

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This list sorts current state representatives according to the year they were first elected or appointed to their current office of state representative.

  • If a state representative previously held a different elective office, this list does not sort them based on their year of election to the office they held earlier. Rather, it sorts them only by the year of their election/appointment to a currently-held position of state representative.
  • In some states, legislators are sworn-in to office the year that they were elected. In other states, they assume office (are sworn in) the following year, typically in January. Representatives are ranked below based on the year they were appointed or elected, not on the year they were sworn in.
  • Note: Some years may be blank. There are no current state legislators who first assumed office in those years.
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  1. Betty Nuovo (D) from Vermont House of Representatives, Addison 1.
  2. Credell Calhoun (D) from Mississippi House of Representatives, District 68.
  3. Dwight Evans (D) from Pennsylvania State House District 203.
  4. Helene Weinstein (D) from New York State Assembly District 41.
  5. Johnny Stringer (D) from Mississippi House of Representatives, District 87.
  6. Joseph Warren (D) from Mississippi House of Representatives, District 90.
  7. Karen Clark (D) from Minnesota House of Representatives, District 62A.
  8. Mary Jane Wallner (D) from New Hampshire House of Representatives, Merrimack 10.
  9. Mary Mushinsky (D) from Connecticut House of Representatives, District 85.
  10. Percy Watson (D) from Mississippi House of Representatives, District 103.
  11. Rene Oliveira (D) from Texas House of Representatives, District 37.
  12. Sandra Keans (D) from New Hampshire House of Representatives, Strafford 9.
  13. Thomas Reynolds, II (D) from Mississippi House of Representatives, District 33.
  14. Tyrone Brooks, Sr. (D) from Georgia House of Representatives District 55.
  15. Tyrone Ellis (D) from Mississippi House of Representatives, District 38.


  1. Alice Emmons (D) from Vermont House of Representatives, Windsor 3-2.
  2. Byron Rushing (D) from Massachusetts House of Representatives, Ninth Suffolk.
  3. Charlie Brown (Indiana) (D) from Indiana House of Representatives
    District 3.
  4. David Cote (D) from New Hampshire House of Representatives, Hillsborough 31.
  5. David Gantt (D) from New York State Assembly District 137.
  6. Dov Hikind (D) from New York State Assembly District 48.
  7. Edmund Kuempel () from .
  8. Edward Sandoval (D) from New Mexico House of Representatives District 17.
  9. Gene Chandler (R) from New Hampshire House of Representatives, Carroll 1.
  10. Gerald Greene (R) from Georgia House of Representatives District 151.
  11. Irene Messier (R) from New Hampshire House of Representatives, Hillsborough 17.
  12. James Tedisco (R) from New York State Assembly District 112.
  13. JoAn Wood (R) from Idaho House of Representatives District 35A.
  14. John Rogers, Alabama Representative (D) from Alabama House of Representatives District 52.
  15. Joseph Markosek (D) from Pennsylvania State House District 25.
  16. Joseph Souki (D) from Hawaii House of Representatives District 8.
  17. Ken Plum (D) from Virginia House of Delegates District 36.
  18. Mary Fritz (D) from Connecticut House of Representatives, District 90.
  19. P. Eric Turner (R) from Indiana House of Representatives
    District 32.
  20. Peter Daley, III (D) from Pennsylvania State House District 49.
  21. Phyllis Katsakiores (R) from New Hampshire House of Representatives, Rockingham 6.
  22. Richard Lindsey (D) from Alabama House of Representatives District 39.
  23. Robert Godshall (R) from Pennsylvania State House District 53.
  24. Sheila Ann Klinker (D) from Indiana House of Representatives
    District 27.
  25. Steve McMillan (R) from Alabama House of Representatives District 95.
  26. Victor Gaston (R) from Alabama House of Representatives District 100.
  27. William Parment (D) from New York State Assembly, District 150.


  1. Curt Anderson (D) from Maryland House of Delegates District 43.
  2. Danny Ford (R) from Kentucky House of Representatives District 80.
  3. Henry Michaux, Jr. (D) from North Carolina House of Representatives District 31.
  4. John Rooney (R) from New Jersey General Assembly District 39.
  5. Samuel Rosenberg (D) from Maryland House of Delegates District 41.
  6. Thomas Riner (D) from Kentucky House of Representatives, District 41.


  1. Betsy McKinney (R) from New Hampshire House of Representatives, Rockingham 5.
  2. Bob Tata (R) from Virginia House of Delegates District 85.
  3. Bobby Moak (D) from Mississippi House of Representatives, District 53.
  4. Butch Parrish (R) from Georgia House of Representatives District 158.
  5. Carl Holmes (R) from Kansas House of Representatives District 125.
  6. Catherine Nolan (D) from New York State Assembly District 37.
  7. David Cheatham (D) from Indiana House of Representatives
    District 69.
  8. David Welch (R) from New Hampshire House of Representatives, Rockingham 13.
  9. Elaine Coderre (D) from Rhode Island House of Representatives District 60.
  10. Grady Brown (D) from South Carolina House District 50.
  11. Harold Dutton, Jr. (D) from Texas House of Representatives, District 142.
  12. James Brennan (New York) (D) from New York State Assembly District 44.
  13. James Roebuck, Jr. (D) from Pennsylvania State House District 188.
  14. James Roger Madalena, Jr. (D) from New Mexico House of Representatives District 65.
  15. Jo Ann Pottorff (R) from Kansas House of Representatives District 83.
  16. John Overington (R) from West Virginia House of Delegates District 62.
  17. John Smithee (R) from Texas House of Representatives, District 86.
  18. John Taylor (R) from Pennsylvania State House District 177.
  19. Mary E. Flowers (D) from Illinois House of Representatives District 31.
  20. Max Gruenberg (D) from Alaska House of Representatives, District 16.
  21. Michael O'Neal (R) from Kansas House of Representatives District 104.
  22. Morse Arberry, Jr. (D) from Nevada Assembly District 7.
  23. Patricia Dillon (D) from Connecticut House of Representatives, District 92.
  24. Peter Wasylyk (D) from Rhode Island House of Representatives District 6.
  25. Ray Rogers (R) from Mississippi House of Representatives, District 61.
  26. Steve Holland (D) from Mississippi House of Representatives, District 16.
  27. Vito Lopez (D) from New York State Assembly District 53.
  28. Wesley Belter (R) from North Dakota House of Representatives District 22.


  1. Alyce Clarke (D) from Mississippi House of Representatives, District 69.
  2. Gloria Fox (D) from Massachusetts House of Representatives Seventh Suffolk.
  3. Lawrence Clark (Kentucky) (D) from Kentucky House of Representatives District 46.
  4. Lonnie Napier (R) from Kentucky House of Representatives District 36.
  5. Thomas Kerr (R) from Kentucky House of Representatives, District 64.


  1. Alvin Ott (R) from Wisconsin State Assembly District 3.
  2. Barbara Clark (New York) (D) from New York State Assembly District 33.
  3. Bob Purkey (R) from Virginia House of Delegates District 82.
  4. Brian Bosma (R) from Indiana House of Representatives
    District 88.
  5. Dennis Cohoon (D) from Iowa House of Representatives District 87.
  6. Dick Hess (R) from Pennsylvania State House District 78.
  7. Janet Wall (D) from New Hampshire House of Representatives, Strafford 6.
  8. John Carpenter (R) from Nevada Assembly District 33.
  9. John Hunt (R) from New Hampshire House of Representatives, Cheshire 11.
  10. John Thompson (Connecticut legislator) (D) from Connecticut House of Representatives, District 13.
  11. Lou Lang (D) from Illinois House of Representatives District 16.
  12. Luciano Varela (D) from New Mexico House of Representatives District 48.
  13. Mike Hill (Alabama) (R) from Alabama House of Representatives District 41.
  14. Monique D. Davis (D) from Illinois House of Representatives District 27.
  15. Neal Kurk (R) from New Hampshire House of Representatives, Hillsborough 2.
  16. Peter Abbate (D) from New York State Assembly District 49.


  1. Gene Pelowski, Jr. (D) from Minnesota House of Representatives, District 28A.
  2. Jean Wagenius (D) from Minnesota House of Representatives, District 63B.
  3. John Wood, Jr. (D) from Maryland House of Delegates District 29A.
  4. Joseph Roberts, Jr. (D) from New Jersey General Assembly District 5.
  5. Kevin Honan (D) from Massachusetts House of Representatives, Seventeenth Suffolk.
  6. Michael Busch (D) from Maryland House of Delegates District 30A.
  7. Robert Fesh (R) from New Hampshire House of Representatives, Rockingham 6.
  8. Rocky Adkins (D) from Kentucky House of Representatives, District 99.
  9. Thomas Petrolati (D) from Massachusetts House of Representatives, Seventh Hampden.
  10. Tom Rukavina (D) from Minnesota House of Representatives District 5A.


  1. Arthur O'Neill (R) from Connecticut House of Representatives, District 69.
  2. Beth Harwell (R) from Tennessee House of Representatives District 56.
  3. Bill Denny (R) from Mississippi House of Representatives, District 64.
  4. Bill Howell (R) from Virginia House of Delegates District 28.
  5. Bob Godfrey (D) from Connecticut House of Representatives, District 110.
  6. Brian Kennedy (Rhode Island) (D) from Rhode Island House of Representatives District 38.
  7. Charles Burton (R) from Indiana House of Representatives
    District 58.
  8. Charles Newton (R) from Alabama House of Representatives District 90.
  9. David Alan Wolkins (R) from Indiana House of Representatives
    District 18.
  10. David R. Leitch (R) from Illinois House of Representatives District 73.
  11. Donald Lally, Jr. (D) from Rhode Island House of Representatives District 33.
  12. Earl Ehrhart (R) from Georgia House of Representatives District 36.
  13. Earlene Hill Hooper (D) from New York State Assembly District 18.
  14. Floyd Grubb (D) from Indiana House of Representatives
    District 42.
  15. Gary Staples (R) from Mississippi House of Representatives, District 88.
  16. George Flaggs, Jr. (D) from Mississippi House of Representatives, District 55.
  17. Harvey Weisenberg (D) from New York State Assembly District 20.
  18. Howard Sanderford (R) from Alabama House of Representatives District 20.
  19. James Conte (R) from New York State Assembly District 10.
  20. James Smith (South Carolina) (R) from South Carolina House District 84.
  21. Janice Peaslee (R) from Vermont House of Representatives, Essex-Caledonia 1.
  22. Jerry Chang (D) from Hawaii House of Representatives District 2.
  23. Joe Armstrong (D) from Tennessee House of Representatives District 15.
  24. Julie Brown (R) from New Hampshire House of Representatives, Strafford 1.
  25. Kathleen Keenan (D) from Vermont House of Representatives, Franklin 3-1.
  26. Lawrence Emerton (R) from New Hampshire House of Representatives, Hillsborough 7.
  27. Louise Williams Bishop (D) from Pennsylvania State House District 192.
  28. Maxine Bell (R) from Idaho House of Representatives District 25A.
  29. Patrick Murphy (Iowa) (D) from Iowa House of Representatives District 99.
  30. Peggy Welch (D) from Indiana House of Representatives
    District 60.
  31. Rene Menard (D) from Rhode Island House of Representatives District 45.
  32. Rick Quinn (R) from South Carolina House District 69.
  33. Robert Sweeney (D) from New York State Assembly District 11.
  34. Ronald Canestrari (D) from New York State Assembly District 106.
  35. Ronald Marsico (R) from Pennsylvania State House District 105.
  36. Sharon Nordgren (D) from New Hampshire House of Representatives, Grafton 12.
  37. Steve McDaniel (R) from Tennessee House of Representatives District 72.
  38. Sylvester Turner (D) from Texas House of Representatives, District 139.
  39. Todd Hunter (R) from Texas House of Representatives, District 32.
  40. Vinny deMacedo (R) from Massachusetts State Senate Plymouth & Barnstable.
  41. W. Curtis Thomas (D) from Pennsylvania State House District 181.
  42. William Adolph, Jr. (R) from Pennsylvania State House District 165.


  1. Alice Hausman (D) from Minnesota House of Representatives, District 66A.
  2. Craig Fry (D) from Indiana House of Representatives
    District 5.
  3. David Russo (R) from New Jersey General Assembly District 40.
  4. John Piscopo (R) from Connecticut House of Representatives, District 76.
  5. Julia Howard (R) from North Carolina House of Representatives District 79.
  6. Kirk Cox (R) from Virginia House of Delegates District 66.
  7. Robert Koczera (D) from Massachusetts House of Representatives, Eleventh Bristol.

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