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State senators sorted by year first elected to senate, 2006-2007

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In the 50 American states, there are a total of 1,971 state senators.

This list sorts them according to the year they were first elected or appointed to their current office.

  • If a current state senator on this list previously held a different elective office, this list does not sort that person based on his or her year of election to the office held earlier. Rather, it sorts the senator only by the year of election/appointment to a currently-held position of state senator.
  • In some states, senators are sworn-in to office the year that they were elected. In other states, they assume office (are sworn in) the following year, typically in January. Senators are sorted below based on the year they were appointed or elected, not on the year they were sworn in.
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  1. Alex Padilla (D) from California Secretary of State.
  2. Alice Nitka (D) from Vermont Senate Windsor District.
  3. Amanda McGill (D) from Nebraska State Senate, District 26.
  4. Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D) from New York Senate District 35.
  5. Andrew Lanza (R) from New York Senate District 24.
  6. Andrew Maynard (D) from Connecticut State Senate District 18.
  7. Andy Dinniman (D) from Pennsylvania State Senate District 19.
  8. Annette Dubas () from Nebraska State Senate, District 34.
  9. Anthony Petruccelli (D) from Massachusetts State Senate, First Suffolk and Middlesex.
  10. Anthony Sykes (R) from Oklahoma State Senate District 24.
  11. Arthenia Joyner (D) from Florida State Senate, District 19.
  12. Arthur Orr (R) from Alabama State Senate District 3.
  13. Benjamin Downing (D) from Massachusetts State Senate, Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin & Hampden.
  14. Betty Boyd (D) from Colorado State Senate, District 21.
  15. Bill Avery () from Nebraska State Senate, District 28.
  16. Bill Brown (Oklahoma legislator) (R) from Oklahoma State Senate District 36.
  17. Bill Carris (D) from Vermont Senate Rutland District.
  18. Bill Cowsert (R) from Georgia State Senate District 46.
  19. Bill Ingebrigtsen (R) from Minnesota State Senate, District 8.
  20. Bill Landen (R) from Wyoming State Senate District 27.
  21. Bill Perkins (D) from New York Senate District 30.
  22. Bill Pritchard (Arkansas) (R) from Arkansas State Senate District 35.
  23. Bill Wielechowski (D) from Alaska State Senate, District H.
  24. Bo Watson (R) from Tennessee State Senate District 11.
  25. Brad Ashford (D) from U.S. House, Nebraska, District 2.
  26. Brian Bingman (R) from Oklahoma State Senate District 12.
  27. Brian Hatfield (D) from Washington State Senate District 19.
  28. Bryan Simonaire (R) from Maryland State Senate District 31.
  29. C. Anthony Muse (D) from Maryland State Senate District 26.
  30. Capri Cafaro (D) from Ohio State Senate District 32.
  31. Carlos Uresti (D) from Texas State Senate, District 19.
  32. Catherine Pugh (D) from Maryland State Senate District 40.
  33. Charles McIlhinney (R) from Pennsylvania State Senate District 10.
  34. Christine Kaufmann (D) from Montana State Senate, District 40.
  35. Christopher Maselli (D) from Rhode Island State Senate District 25.
  36. Curtis King (R) from Washington State Senate District 14.
  37. Curtis Olafson (R) from North Dakota State Senate District 10.
  38. Dan Kotowski (D) from Illinois State Senate District 28.
  39. Danielle Conrad () from Nebraska State Senate, District 46.
  40. Darrell Steinberg (D) from California State Senate District 6.
  41. Dave Oehlke (R) from North Dakota State Senate District 15.
  42. Dave Pankonin () from Nebraska State Senate District 2.
  43. David Koehler (D) from Illinois State Senate District 46.
  44. David Sypolt (R) from West Virginia State Senate District 14.
  45. Don Gaetz (R) from Florida State Senate, District 1.
  46. Douglas Peters (D) from Maryland State Senate District 23.
  47. Drew Perkins (R) from Wyoming State Senate District 29.
  48. Ed Charbonneau (R) from Indiana State Senate District 5.
  49. Ed Murray () from Mayor of Seattle.
  50. Eli Bebout (R) from Wyoming State Senate District 26.
  51. Ellen Corbett (D) from California State Senate, District 10.
  52. Eric Adams (D) from New York Senate District 20.
  53. Gail Schwartz (D) from Colorado State Senate, District 5.
  54. Gale Candaras (D) from Massachusetts State Senate, First Hampden and Hampshire.
  55. George Edwards (Maryland) (R) from Maryland State Senate District 1.
  56. Greg Adams (Nebraska) () from Nebraska State Senate, District 24.
  57. Greg Walker (R) from Indiana State Senate District 41.
  58. Jack C. Jackson, Jr. (D) from Arizona State Senate District 7.
  59. Jack Crumbly (D) from Arkansas State Senate District 16.
  60. Jack Johnson (R) from Tennessee State Senate District 23.
  61. Jack Murphy (R) from Georgia State Senate District 27.
  62. James Hammond (R) from Idaho State Senate District 5.
  63. James Timilty (D) from Massachusetts State Senate, Bristol and Norfolk.
  64. Jamie Raskin (D) from Maryland State Senate District 20.
  65. Jean Breaux (D) from Indiana State Senate District 34.
  66. Jean Hunhoff (R) from South Dakota House of Representatives, District 18.
  67. Jeff Siddoway (R) from Idaho State Senate District 35.
  68. Jeremy Ring (D) from Florida State Senate, District 29.
  69. Jill Tokuda (D) from Hawaii State Senate District 24.
  70. Jim Arnold (D) from Indiana State Senate District 8.
  71. Jim Rosapepe (D) from Maryland State Senate District 21.
  72. Joan Heckaman (D) from North Dakota State Senate District 23.
  73. Joe Gimse (R) from Minnesota State Senate District 13.
  74. Joe Sweeden (D) from Oklahoma State Senate, District 10.
  75. Joe Thomas (D) from Alaska State Senate District D.
  76. John Eichelberger (R) from Pennsylvania State Senate District 30.
  77. John Harms () from Nebraska State Senate, District 48.
  78. John Hastert (D) from Wyoming State Senate District 13.
  79. John Morse (D) from Colorado State Senate, District 11.
  80. John Nelson (Nebraska) (R) from Lieutenant Governor of Nebraska.
  81. John Sparks (Oklahoma) (D) from Oklahoma State Senate District 16.
  82. John Wightman () from Nebraska State Senate, District 36.
  83. Joseph Brannigan (D) from Maine State Senate District 9.
  84. Joseph Griffo (R) from New York Senate District 47.
  85. Joshua Miller (D) from Rhode Island Senate District 28.
  86. Julia Lynn (R) from Kansas State Senate District 9.
  87. Kathleen Vinehout (D) from Wisconsin State Senate District 31.
  88. Kathy Sheran (D) from Minnesota State Senate, District 19.
  89. Katie Sieben (D) from Minnesota State Senate, District 54.
  90. Keith Faber (R) from Ohio State Senate District 12.
  91. Kent Rogert () from Nebraska State Senate District 16.
  92. Kevin Van Tassell (R) from Utah State Senate District 26.
  93. Kirk Watson (D) from Texas State Senate, District 14.
  94. Larry George (R) from Oregon State Senate District 13.
  95. Leah Landrum Taylor (D) from Arizona State Senate District 27.
  96. Leland Yee (D) from California State Senate District 8.
  97. Lesil McGuire (R) from Alaska State Senate, District L.
  98. Linda Coleman, Alabama Senator (D) from Alabama State Senate District 20.
  99. Linda Holmes (D) from Illinois State Senate District 42.
  100. Lisa Baker (Pennsylvania) (R) from Pennsylvania State Senate District 20.
  101. Lisa Gladden (D) from Maryland State Senate District 41.
  102. Lou Correa (D) from California State Senate District 34.
  103. Margaret Dayton (R) from Utah State Senate District 15.
  104. Mark Christensen () from Nebraska State Senate, District 44.
  105. Mark Hass (D) from Oregon State Senate District 14.
  106. Mark Herring (D) from Attorney General of Virginia.
  107. Mark Wyland (R) from California State Senate District 38.
  108. Matt Murphy (R) from Illinois State Senate District 27.
  109. Merton Dierks () from Nebraska State Senate District 40.
  110. Michael Noland (D) from Illinois State Senate District 22.
  111. Mike Folmer (R) from Pennsylvania State Senate District 48.
  112. Mike Frerichs (D) from Illinois Treasurer.
  113. Mike Gabbard (D) from Hawaii State Senate District 20.
  114. Mike Hall (West Virginia) (R) from West Virginia State Senate District 4.
  115. Mike Schulz (R) from Oklahoma State Senate District 38.
  116. Molly Kelly (D) from New Hampshire State Senate District 10.
  117. Nan Orrock (D) from Georgia State Senate District 36.
  118. Nancy King (D) from Maryland State Senate District 39.
  119. Norm Wallman () from Nebraska State Senate, District 30.
  120. Patricia Torres Ray (D) from Minnesota State Senate, District 63.
  121. Paul Bookout (D) from Arkansas State Senate District 21.
  122. Paul Doyle (D) from Connecticut State Senate District 9.
  123. Paul Jabour (D) from Rhode Island Senate District 5.
  124. Paula Aboud (D) from Arizona State Senate District 28.
  125. Perry Clark (D) from Kentucky State Senate District 37.
  126. Pete Pirsch (R) from Nebraska State Senate, District 4.
  127. Peter S. Brunstetter (R) from North Carolina State Senate District 31.
  128. Phil Boots (R) from Indiana State Senate District 23.
  129. R. Steven "Steve" Bair (R) from Idaho State Senate District 31.
  130. Ray Vandeveer (R) from Minnesota State Senate District 52.
  131. Reginald Tate (D) from Tennessee State Senate District 33.
  132. Richard Madaleno (D) from Maryland State Senate District 18.
  133. Richard Marcellais (D) from North Dakota State Senate District 9.
  134. Robert Hartwell (D) from Vermont State Senate, Bennington District.
  135. Robert Hogg (D) from Iowa State Senate District 33.
  136. Robert Nichols (Texas) (R) from Texas State Senate, District 3.
  137. Robert Thompson, Arkansas Senator (D) from Arkansas State Senate District 20.
  138. Robert Zirkin (D) from Maryland State Senate District 11.
  139. Rod Monroe (D) from Oregon State Senate District 24.
  140. Roger Ballenger (D) from Oklahoma State Senate District 8.
  141. Ron Latz (D) from Minnesota State Senate, District 46.
  142. Ron Stollings (D) from West Virginia State Senate District 7.
  143. Ronald Ramsey (D) from Georgia State Senate District 43.
  144. Ronald S. Calderon (D) from California State Senate District 30.
  145. Ronda Storms (R) from Florida State Senate District 10.
  146. Ross Romero (D) from Utah State Senate District 4.
  147. Russ Karpisek () from Nebraska State Senate, District 32.
  148. Rusty Glover (R) from Alabama State Senate District 34.
  149. Ryan Maher (R) from South Dakota State Senate District 28.
  150. Ryan McKenna () from Missouri Director of Labor and Industrial Relations.
  151. Scott Beason (R) from Alabama State Senate District 17.
  152. Scott Renfroe (R) from Colorado State Senate, District 13.
  153. Scott Rupp () from Missouri Public Service Commission.
  154. Sean Burrage (D) from Oklahoma State Senate District 2.
  155. Shirley Huntley (D) from New York Senate District 10.
  156. Shirley McKague (R) from Idaho State Senate District 20.
  157. Shirley Smith (D) from Ohio State Senate District 21.
  158. Steve Hobbs, Washington Senator (D) from Washington State Senate, District 44.
  159. Steve Lathrop () from Nebraska State Senate, District 12.
  160. Steve Oelrich (R) from Florida State Senate District 14.
  161. Ted Harvey (R) from Colorado State Senate, District 30.
  162. Thomas Hansen () from Nebraska State Senate, District 42.
  163. Thomas Sawyer (D) from Ohio State Senate District 28.
  164. Tim Gay () from Nebraska State Senate District 14.
  165. Tim Schaffer (R) from Ohio House of Representatives, District 77.
  166. Tom Carlson (Nebraska) () from Nebraska State Senate, District 38.
  167. Tom Harman (R) from California State Senate District 35.
  168. Tom Ivester (D) from Oklahoma State Senate District 26.
  169. Tom White () from Nebraska State Senate District 8.
  170. Tony Lourey (D) from Minnesota State Senate, District 11.
  171. Trip Pittman (R) from Alabama State Senate District 32.
  172. Wayne Niederhauser (R) from Utah State Senate District 9.
  173. William Delgado (D) from Illinois State Senate District 2.
  174. William Jackson (R) from Georgia State Senate District 24.


  1. A.G. Crowe (R) from Louisiana State Senate, District 1.
  2. Bill Baroni (R) from New Jersey Senate District 14.
  3. Bill Stone (D) from Mississippi State Senate, District 2.
  4. Billy Hudson (R) from Mississippi State Senate, District 45.
  5. Brian Stack (D) from New Jersey State Senate District 33.
  6. Briggs Hopson (R) from Mississippi State Senate District 23.
  7. Bruce Ennis (D) from Delaware State Senate District 14.
  8. Chris McDaniel (R) from Mississippi State Senate, District 42.
  9. Christopher Connors (R) from New Jersey State Senate District 9.
  10. Dale Erdey (R) from Louisiana State Senate, District 13.
  11. Dan Morrish (R) from Louisiana State Senate, District 25.
  12. Dana Redd (D) from New Jersey Senate District 5.
  13. Daniel Martiny (R) from Louisiana State Senate, District 10.
  14. David Blount (D) from Mississippi State Senate, District 29.
  15. David Heitmeier (D) from Louisiana State Senate, District 7.
  16. Donald McEachin (D) from Virginia Senate District 9.
  17. Eric LaFleur (D) from Louisiana State Senate, District 28.
  18. Floyd McKissick (D) from North Carolina State Senate District 20.
  19. Francis Thompson (D) from Louisiana State Senate, District 34.
  20. George Barker (D) from Virginia Senate District 39.
  21. Gerald Long (R) from Louisiana State Senate, District 31.
  22. Giles Ward (R) from Mississippi State Senate District 18.
  23. Haskins Montgomery (D) from Mississippi State Senate, District 34.
  24. Jack Donahue (Louisiana) (R) from Louisiana State Senate, District 11.
  25. Jeff Van Drew (D) from New Jersey Senate District 1.
  26. Jennifer Beck (R) from New Jersey Senate District 11.
  27. Jill Vogel (R) from Virginia Senate District 27.
  28. Jim Whelan (D) from New Jersey State Senate District 2.
  29. Joey Fillingane (R) from Mississippi State Senate, District 41.
  30. John Alario (R) from Louisiana State Senate, District 8.
  31. John Chapman "Chap" Petersen (D) from Virginia Senate District 34.
  32. John Miller (Virginia) (D) from Virginia Senate District 1.
  33. John R. Smith (Louisiana) (R) from Louisiana State Senate, District 30.
  34. Joseph Pennacchio (R) from New Jersey State Senate District 26.
  35. Kenneth Jones (D) from Mississippi State Senate District 21.
  36. Lydia Chassaniol (R) from Mississippi State Senate, District 14.
  37. Michael Watson (Mississippi) (R) from Mississippi State Senate, District 51.
  38. Mike Walsworth (R) from Louisiana State Senate, District 33.
  39. Neil Riser (R) from Louisiana State Senate, District 32.
  40. Paul Campbell (R) from South Carolina State Senate District 44.
  41. Phil Haines (R) from New Jersey Senate District 8.
  42. Ralph Northam (D) from Lieutenant Governor of Virginia.
  43. Ralph Smith (R) from Virginia Senate District 19.
  44. Richard Stuart, Virginia Senator (R) from Virginia Senate District 28.
  45. Robert Gordon (New Jersey) (D) from New Jersey State Senate District 38.
  46. Sandra Cunningham (D) from New Jersey State Senate District 31.
  47. Scott Lautenbaugh () from Nebraska State Senate, District 18.
  48. Shane Massey (R) from South Carolina State Senate District 25.
  49. Steven Oroho (R) from New Jersey State Senate District 24.
  50. Teresa Ruiz (D) from New Jersey State Senate District 29.
  51. Tom Dempsey (R) from Missouri State Senate, District 23.
  52. Tony Fulton () from Nebraska State Senate District 29.
  53. Yvonne Dorsey-Colomb (D) from Louisiana State Senate, District 14.