Sterling tackles zoning referendum

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July 2, 2009

STERLING, Connecticut: This month, Sterling residents will voice their opinion on the zoning regulation referendum. The city is one of the last towns in Connecticut to adopt zoning regulations. Prior to scheduling a date for the referendum, July 15, Selectman Dale Clark said that he was concerned that the town would be left without any land-use rules because the current state-permitted five-year term of the land use ordinance expires July 23, 2009. The proposal calls for the town to adopt an ordinance designating the Planning Commission as the Planning and Zoning Commission and to establish a Zoning Board of Appeals. First Selectman Russell Gray, one of the measure's supporters, emphasized that a referendum would be the best way to tackle the zoning decision because the issue has been controversial in the past.

In April 2008, voters rejected a proposal to create a planning and zoning commission by a vote of 98-81. Twenty years prior, the town accepted zoning regulations but quickly rejected them after what was described as a small change to the size of house lots became a wide-ranging set of regulations.[1]

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