Steve Manor recall, Howell, Michigan (2012)

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An effort to recall Steve Manor from his position on the Howell, Michigan, city council was launched in July 2012.[1] The recall effort was abandoned in February 2013, after recall supporters failed to submit signatures.[2]

Reasons for recall

Jane Thierfeldt filed the initial recall petition language. The initial petition stated that Manor acted with "disregard for citizens’ wishes." At the time the recall effort was initiated, Manor had recently voted to implement a garbage tax increase.[1] The language on the second recall petition accused Manor of removing traffic circles and misusing his position as a public official. Manor was accused of using his position to have a parking ticket dismissed. Howell Police Chief George Basar confirmed that he voided a number of parking tickets, including Manor's, because the vehicles were legally parked.[3] Howell City Councilman Doug Heins called for a "full and independent investigation" into the dismissal of the parking tickets.[4]

Manor's response

In response to the recall effort against him, Manor said, "I'm disappointed that Jane Thierfeldt feels so strongly about this whole issue of how the city goes about paying its bills and maintaining its services that she feels it is worth a recall effort...I'm quite disappointed in that, but that is her right as a citizen. If she gets enough signatures, I will defend my record."[5] Manor denied the allegations against him, and said he would vigorously defend himself.[3]

Path to the ballot

An initial clarity hearing on the petition wording took place on July 20.[1] The language was not approved, but recall organizers filed petitions with new language on August 10. A second clarity hearing took place on August 24 at the Livington County Courthouse.[3] The petition language was approved, and recall organizers began circulating the petition in September.[6] The deadline for signature submission was February 20, 2013. The deadline passed, and recall supporters failed to submit signatures. The recall effort consequently came to an end.[2]

The city estimated that a recall election would have cost at least $5,712. If a replacement election had been required, recall costs would have been upwards of $10,000.[7]

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