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Stop Ballot Fraud, also known as "Fraudbusters," was a website launched by the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center (BISC) in early 2008. The website purported to "use the initiative process as a tool for achieving policy goals" which, in this case, it did by listing allegations about petition circulators who are soliciting signatures on ballot measures that BISC identifies as conservative.[1]

The strategy of the website was consistent with comments made in 2001, when a representative of the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center encouraged unions at an AFL-CIO sponsored meeting in Oregon to run signature-blocking campaigns. These efforts, the representative said, "force your opposition to spend more money or volunteer hours gathering signatures."[1]

Analysis of rhetoric on the Fraudbusters website

BISC was funded by Big Labor, and it uses a variety of hard-edged rhetorical gestures on the websites it sponsors--"Fraudbusters" among them.[1]

Examples include:[1]

  • When "Fraudbusters" refers to an initiative it dislikes, it typically refers to it as "the so-called" initiative, as in "the so called 'Colorado Civil Rights Initiative.'."
  • The website repetitively uses the words "lied to" and "deceived."
  • One typical rhetorical trope in common usage on BISC websites is "up to old tricks."

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