Sue Allen recall, Lakeside, Oregon (2012)

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An effort to recall Sue Allen from her elected position on the city council of Lakeside, Oregon resulted in Allen's resignation.[1] The recall campaign was launched in November 2011.[2] Fellow Lakeside City Council members Ed Gowan, Naomi Parker, and Eddy Langley also faced a recall effort, but that effort was abandoned in March 2012.[3]

Reasons for recall

Mildred Dover-Bennett, also known as Midge Viedo, led the recall effort. Recall organizers were upset about the stalemate over the appointment of a new councilor to the city's vacant seventh seat. Recall organizers allege that Allen has been rejecting applicants for the councilor position based on personal grudges.[2]Allen responded that "'It's my right and I'm doing what I feel is best for Lakeside." In a letter to the community, Allen said "A recall for anything less than fraud is a flagrant waste of taxpayer money."[4]

Path to the ballot

Recall organizers needed to collect 127 signatures before March 4th, 2012, to force a recall election.[5]

On March 4th, recall organizers turned in 150 signatures. City officials then had three days to determine if at least 127 of the signatures are valid. On March 8th, the city announced that due to insufficient signatures, the recall petition against Allen was invalid. Despite the invalidation of the recall petition against her , Allen resigned her position on the city council, saying, "misinformation, personal attacks, and outright lies" made it undesirable to continue serving the city. Allen said the recall campaign "was totally bogus."[1]

If enough signatures had been validated, a recall election would have taken place within 44 days.[3]

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