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Summit County, Ohio

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Summit County, Ohio is one of eighty-eight counties in Ohio. The 2010 census reported the population at 542,899, making it the fifth most populous county in Ohio. The county seat is Akron, Ohio. It is named Summit county because the highest elevation on Ohio and the Erie Canal is located in the county.[1]

Website evaluation

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Last rated on Jan. 21, 2012

The good

  • Board of Control meetings and agendas are published. Additionally, signature lists are available that include approval for contracts.[2]
  • Elected officials information is published.[3]
  • Administrative officials are published. Links to each office are located on the homepage tab.[4][5]
  • Audits and Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports are available.[6]
  • Budget information is available.[7]
  • Zoning and building permit information is posted.[8]<refBuilding</ref>
  • Bidding opportunities are published.[9]
  • Contracts are published sporadically, rather than in one resource.
  • Tax rate information is provided.[10]
  • Information on public records policy is provided.[11]

The bad

  • There is no information on lobbying.
  • No contact information or request form for public records.

Elected Officials: Council Members

Name District
Nick Kostandaras Sr. 4-year term County Council District #1
John Schmidt 4-year term County Council District #2
Gloria Rodgers 4-year term County Council District #3
Frank Comunale 4-year term County Council District #4
Tamela Lee (App’t) 4-year term County Council District #5
Jerry Feeman 4-year term County Council District #6
Tim Crawford 4-year term County Council District #7
Paula Prentice 4-year term County Council District #8

Administrative Officials

Name Title
Russell Pry Summit County Executive
Kristen Scalise Summit County Fiscal Officer
Daniel Horrigan Clerk of Courts
Alan Brubaker Summit County Engineer
Sherri Walsh Prosecutor
Drew Alexander Sheriff


Although the operating budget for Summit County generally increases yearly, it has decreased for the third consecutive year.

Year Total
2007 $541,306,553
2008 $564,724,509
2009 $557,540,687
2010 $537,091,015
2011 $517,646,912

The total operating budget for FY 2011 is $517,646,912. Of this, 30% comes from property taxes, 25% from charges, fines and licenses, and 25% from intergovernmental resources. The primary expense is employee salaries and benefits (41%) followed by services, supplies and equipment (39%) and rents and insurance (9%).


The Summit County seat, Akron, Ohio, received $52,757,579.80 in federal stimulus funding in 30 separate grants.[12]

Local taxes

  • Approximately 98% of the County’s tax base is attributed to real estate; the real property valuation is primarily residential (75%).[13] The primary source of revenue is property taxes and sales tax (6.5%).

County In the News

  • Ten years ago, Summit County had one representative. Due to current redistricting measures, Summit County now has pieces of four Congressional districts. For Akron voters, knowing who the candidates are in their district is confusing and without effective representation.[14]
  • Summit county may owe approximately $2 million to seven laid-off workers after the 9th District Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the former Department of Human Services workers because the layoffs were contrived and political in nature.[15]
  • Akron patrolman Erik Keegan resigned over felony theft charges involving the youth group, Explorers,’ bank account while serving as their advisor. Although Keegan pled not guilty, the court awarded the youth group $5,000 in restitution.[16]

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