Super Tuesday for Equal Rights

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Super Tuesday for Equal Rights is the multi-state effort in 2008 organized by Ward Connerly and the American Civil Rights Institute to place citizen initiatives on the ballot in five states to forbid racial preferences.

In each state where circulators have collected signatures to put the measure before voters, they have met with petition blocking. Donna Stern, a spokesperson for By Any Means Necessary, the main opposition group, said that keeping the measure off the ballot is important because "if an overwhelmingly white electorate is given an opportunity ... to uphold white privilege, the majority are going to do it."[1]

Status of efforts

Petition drives underway

Petition drives are underway to qualify the Arizona Civil Rights Initiative and the Nebraska Civil Rights Initiative. Signatures in both states must be filed by July 4.

Signatures filed

The supporters of the Colorado Civil Rights Initiative (2008) turned in 128,744 signatures in March 2008. The initiative was certified for the November ballot by the Colorado Secretary of State, and is now the target of a post-certification challenge by an opposition group that claims the Secretary of State said that signatures were valid that were, in fact, invalid.

Out of contention

The Missouri Civil Rights Initiative (2008) (MCRI) did not turn in signatures by the May 5, 2008 deadline. This effort was the subject of an organized petition blocking campaign. The Oklahoma Civil Rights Initiative (2008) was withdrawn from consideration and will not be on the November 2008 ballot in Oklahoma.

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