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Some articles for a Controversies section

  • Federal judge orders Abbott to explain X-ray evidence seizure AG's office says grand juries subpoenaed it
    • First 2 paragraphs of article:
      A federal judge has ordered Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott to explain why his office seized thousands of X-rays that are evidence in a federal investigation of potentially fraudulent silicosis lawsuits filed by alleged victims of the lung disease.
      U.S. District Judge Janis Graham Jack also wants to know why an estimated 152 of the X-rays disappeared before the attorney general returned 40 boxes of records to a federal depository in response to an order from her.
  • Texas Leads Resistance to EPA Climate Action
    • First 2 paragraphs of article:
      Come January, the Environmental Protection Agency will — in theory — begin regulating greenhouse gas emissions around the country for the first time. Large polluters planning expansions must include carbon dioxide and other gases linked to climate change on their permit applications, with broader regulations coming into force over time.
      But not if Texas can help it. Attorney General Greg Abbott last week lodged legal challenges in a federal court against EPA actions on multiple fronts, including a reiteration of the state's long-standing argument against the EPA's scientific foundation for determining the dangers of greenhouse gas pollution. EPA regulation, Abbott's document said, "is the most draconian of its kind of any advanced economy in the world" and would damage the Texas economy.

That should be enough to start a section. -- Fandyllic (talk · contr) 6:50 PM PDT 8 Nov 2010

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